The Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers BC’s Advocacy Committee is dedicated to carrying out FACL BC’s mandate to promote equity, justice, and opportunity for Asian Canadian legal professionals and the wider community. 

We recognize that there are intersections between Asian communities and many equity-seeking groups. We aim to address intersecting forms of oppression and work in solidarity with other equity-seeking groups and organizations that align with our mandate.



Committee Chair: David How and Shanna Gu

Vice President (External): Sebastian Chern

Collaboration and Consultation

We aim to connect and collaborate with others who align with our mandate. If your organization or group would like to connect with us to consult or explore opportunities for collaboration, please contact us at

Political Engagement

Political engagement is a part of our advocacy work. We have engaged with ministers and other government officials to discuss issues impacting the Asian-Canadian legal community and the wider community. We also engage with stakeholders and ministers on a provincial level to address issues related to systemic racism.

To view a full list of our statements, click here.


The Advocacy Committee hosts a variety of informative and interactive events. Our events provide forums for public dialogue on topics related to equity and justice. Through events, we engage with the legal community and stakeholders in community and government.

Some of our recent online events:


We create educational content, including resource guides:

Written Advocacy

FACL BC publishes statements in response to events and issues.  

We also sign onto statements and letters that further our mandate. 

To view a full list of our statements, click here.


The Advocacy Committee is involved in creating FACL BC’s documentary, But I Look Like a Lawyer, which is about discrimination, stereotyping and bias experienced by members of the Pan-Asian legal community. Visit to learn more.
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