FACL BC Resource List: The Legal Community’s Responsibility to Address the Climate Crisis

25 May 2023 12:54 PM | FACL BC (Administrator)

May 25, 2023

In April of 2022, Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers BC (FACL BC) hosted an event entitled “The Legal Community’s Responsibility to Address the Climate Crisis.” At this event, the idea was raised to bring forward a resolution at the Law Society of BC (LSBC)’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM). FACL BC members put forward Resolution 4: Member Resolution regarding the Role of Lawyers in Addressing Climate Change, which unfortunately didn’t pass

This April, FACL BC hosted another event on this topic to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about the legal community’s role in addressing climate change, as well as to solicit feedback on this year’s draft resolution that will be brought to the LSBC’s June 27th 2023 AGM.* As Dr Carol Liao stated in her op-ed encouraging lawyers to vote in last year’s AGM: “lawyers can’t ignore climate change.” 


Climate Change

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