October Spotlight: Mark Leung (Director of Legal, BBTV)

29 Sep 2020 12:57 AM | Anonymous

Spotlight: Mark Leung

Mark Leung is the Director of Legal at BroadbandTV and was a previous board member for FACL BC.

What is something not many people know about you? 

For a couple of years during my undergrad, I volunteered as a radio show host for the campus radio station. The show was called "The Sandbox Theatre", where I played radio/audio theatre on the air (think today's digital audio books).  

How did you first get involved with FACL? 

I first got involved in FACL back in 2015 when I reached out to FACL's then current (and first) president, Serene Chow, and attended their AGM. Back then, FACL wasn't as "shiny" as it is now, so the AGM was actually held in the basement floor of a downtown brew pub. But despite its grassroots look-and-feel, it was clear, even then, that the organization was becoming a true champion for diversity in the local Legal community. So that year, I volunteered on a Mentorship committee, and then in the following year, I became a Director-at-Large, where I had the privilege of helping the Executive team come up with FACL's mission statements, some of which is still communicated to the public by the organization today.  

What advice would you give yourself if you were to go back in time? 

In terms of my career, it sounds awfully cliche, but I would tell myself not to worry about the big picture, and instead, be present with each step of the journey. And to just enjoy the ride, knowing that everything will work out just fine. 

What is something you would like FACL BC to achieve this year? 

Being a media lawyer myself, I am very excited to know that FACL will be focusing on growing its digital presence this year. Lawyers and law firms are only starting to scratch the surface at how social media will transform the practice of law and the delivery of legal services to the public. So to see FACL becoming more active on these new platforms is very encouraging.

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